Iran Manufactures Antennas To Provide Communications During Natural Disasters

- Jan 17, 2019-

Iranian researchers have successfully created an antenna to provide communications in the event of an emergency in the event of a natural disaster.

The new antenna features portability and high-capacity EP60 for broadband communications in emergency situations.

The antenna components can be assembled in a rugged and reliable structure, and unskilled users can easily use them in a variety of environments.

These antennas are used in all international and domestic sites of KU, KA and weigh less than 4 kg.

The antenna is designed to adjust the ion angle and the audible angle in a short time to make it highly accurate.

The reflective structure of the antenna is made of carbon fiber and weighs 60% of the total weight of the antenna. In addition to the weight reduction of the antenna, this characteristic also increases its strength.

Mobile antennas are used for emergency communications during natural disasters, live television, measurement, surveillance, broadcast news, media, mobile operators, public safety, border protection and military applications.