Israel Railways Will Improve Passenger Safety And Operational Efficiency Through Motorola Solutions

- Jun 26, 2019-


June 24, 2019 - Motorola Solutions received a tender to provide Israel Railways with a new wireless push-to-talk (POC) communications solution to improve operational efficiency and security. The company will provide up to 3,000 devices using WAVE system equipment, a workgroup communication service for Motorola Solutions that allows operational communications for railway lines, offices, maintenance and logistics compounds. The solution will replace the railway company's previous communication service "Mirs" based on Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN) technology.

Under the contract, the Motorola solution will provide the Israeli Railways with the installation, operation and maintenance of a POC-based wireless communication system for three years, with an optional five-year extension. Hot Mobile will act as a mobile network operator.

The WAVE system will enable railway companies to benefit from a variety of key functions and services for smooth and efficient operations. The solution eliminates barriers between devices, networks and locations, and engages the right team members in the conversation. It will enable people on radios, smartphones, tablets and laptops to communicate seamlessly with each other. It also allows users to easily share voice, text, photos, videos, etc. with a team or individual by pressing a button - all from a PTT app.

Avraham Ben David (Benda), General Manager of Motorola Solutions Israel, said: "We are proud of another strategic project that has the opportunity to lead the Israeli Railways. Our mission-critical solution ecosystem and our communications expertise will ensure the most advanced railways. Solutions and reliable service."