Italian Protezione Civile Will Allow Authorized Radio Frequencies In Case Of Emergency

- Jan 31, 2019-

The official radio frequency used for emergency communications in Italy has been tested and used to improve the efficiency of the communication system.

The Regional Council approved the agreement plan for the relationship between the Ministry of Civil Defense and the Ministry of Economic Development, as proposed by the Minister of Environmental Protection, Donatella Spano. The frequency of radio transmissions granted to each region.

In order to release the necessary frequency, the Sardinian Civil Protection Radio Network project has been transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development, which expressed its positive attitude towards the matter by de facto distribution of official frequencies.

The project assessor said with satisfaction: “In an emergency, the efficiency of the transmission system is the basis for coordination and connectivity activities, so that over the years we have designed a complex project of regional civil defense supported by infrastructure. No matter how third-party personnel Operational radio. We also tested and used a system in an emergency to ensure better communication efficiency and more effective coordination between different structures. The formalization of the frequency solved the heavy work of the radio network for regional civil protection. The system provides the highest communication efficiency."


In fact, the convention allows the official to use the frequency of two-way radios for free. The former is committed to the civil protection emergency communications agency radio network between public agencies responsible for managing emergencies. Others focus on civil protection emergency communications and coordinate the voluntary structure of cooperation during the period.

Spano thanks the regional structure and volunteers, even the world of important results on the wireless network: "Last year, the Civil Protection Agency has trained a dedicated voluntary organization between 90 wireless carriers in the regional registry to publish radio communications between regional companies Our technicians and generous volunteers have made a huge commitment, we are able to test in the past five months of warnings and have achieved positive results."