Japan Plans To Deploy 20,000 Receivers In Homes In Response To Emergency

Date:Jan 10, 2020


Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Sanae Takamiya said on Tuesday (Jan 7) that he plans to introduce some receivers in Japan to listen to Japan's domestic emergency management radio station. She told reporters. 300 million yen will be included in the supplementary budget for fiscal year 2019, and recipients will provide free loans to cities that have been delayed. This time around 20,000 receivers were installed nationwide, including independent operations by municipalities.

In recent years, during natural disasters such as typhoons, the Japanese government has been using emergency broadcasts and other means to provide emergency evacuation information, but residents are increasingly complaining that it is difficult to hear broadcasts from outdoor speakers. Since many older people are not familiar with the operation of mobile phones, receivers will be deployed to make effective use of disaster radios.