Judge Of The United States Federal Court Issued An Order Denying Hytera’s Request

Date:Oct 23, 2020



Recently, a judge of the United States Federal Court issued an order denying Hytera’s request for a review or reduction of US$776.4 million in damages for the use of Motorola solutions’ trade secrets and copyrighted software codes to develop its DMR standard products.

Judge Charles Nogue wrote in the order: “Hytera has not reached a high standard of judgment legally or in a new trial, or when reconsidering previous orders or remittances.”

"The jury and the court were not prejudiced. In this case, the procedure was appropriate, the legal judgment was correct, and the legal elements of Motorola's claim were satisfied. The jury returned the judgment and ruling that was appropriate under the law and received the support of the court. The court. It is pointed out that the overwhelming evidence submitted in the trial—evidence is meticulously challenged by Hytera’s skilled legal counsel every time."

Nogel’s ruling stated that he rejected “every argument that Hytera put forward in his bill and completely denied the bill, except for the jury’s verdict on fairness issues.” On these fairness issues, Nogel The result of the fact finding that ordered both parties to make recommendations on the matter.

Norgle's order reiterated his March judgment against Hytera-upholding the jury verdict unanimously passed in February, which awarded Motorola Solutions all the compensation sought in the case. The dispute was debated within four months. . The huge award of damages forced Hytera's US division to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in May.

"The Motorola Solutions Department is satisfied with Judge Noggle’s decision to reject Hytera’s new trial, upholding the jury’s verdict that Hytera abused Motorola’s trade secrets and infringed Motorola’s copyright, and the jury awarded Motorola more than $764.5 million in damages," Motorola Solution statement.