JVCKENWOOD Acquires 40% Of Tait Communications

Date:Dec 17, 2018

New Zealand's Tait Foundation announced yesterday that it has sold a 40% stake in two-way radio manufacturer Tait Communications to JVCKENWOOD, the parent company of KENWOOD Communications.

Tait Communications CEO Garry Diack said that Tait Communications plans to focus more on mobile radio within the vehicle than on mobile-based solutions. The new development work will focus on two-way radio broadband convergence technologies for four major vertical markets - mining, public transportation, utilities and public safety services.

"I think its role is to get us into the application world on top of technology and build application suites vertically through the market," Diack said.

“Everyone in these vertical industries will develop their own applications in terms of how customers and customers can more effectively conduct mobile communications. These application suites will reflect these markets. Can invest more and more in this technology Achieve better communication on top of the platform, which is exactly what we want to see in some investment funds."

“We are relatively small players in the market,” Diak said. “The strategy we have is that we can maintain relevance and criticality only if we have good relationships. We have established a partnership with JVCKENWOOD, Harris, and we will continue to find and build partnerships around the world. So that we can meet the needs of our customers as efficiently as possible.

“There have been major changes in other industries I have experienced – the digitization of analog radio, the news media – business partnerships have become the solution for midsize companies, and the industry seems to be on the same path. It’s very exciting. "