JVCKENWOOD Showcase PoC Services Based On DMR Standard Trunking Communication System At IWCE 2019

Date:Mar 06, 2019



JVCKENWOOD participate in IWCE 2019 (International Wireless Communications Expo), one of the world's largest professional radio communication equipment and systems exhibitions and trade fairs, held in Las Vegas, USA on March 6th and 7th.

Main contents of the IWCE 2019 exhibition

1. Demonstrate BOUNDLESS PoC services for smartphones and devices that support PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular)

The service provides similar functionality to traditional transceivers that use smartphones and support communication devices provided over mobile networks. Connect your smartphone via a commercial radio communication system. We will also use LTE communications to provide services that can be used in a wide area.


2.DMR TIER III Digital Trunking Radio System

Showcasing the latest DMR * 2 TIER III digital trunking radio communication system, based on feedback from staff involved in the MotoGP competition, and plans to launch into the general professional radio communication system market in early March. Compared to the previous TIER II approach, the system uses a multi-channel access approach to provide higher capacity, more efficient communications, allowing for further traffic.

3. NX-5000 and NX-3000 series multi-protocol digital radio

Demonstrates NX-3000 series multi-protocol digital radio supporting NXDN standard and DMR standard and high-end model NX-5000 series radio supporting P25 * 3 digital protocol. Both series support the DMR * 2 format, and the upgrade (scheduled for March) will add support for the DMR TIER III. Since one unit can support multiple digital protocols, these radios can flexibly meet different user needs.kenwood-nx-5000-and-nx-3000 series

4.P25 standard radio communication system solution

Demonstrates the NX-5000H and VM7000H series of high-power mobile radios with an output power of 110W. It is developed for law enforcement, fire department and emergency response teams. It requires team communication scenarios in harsh environments such as accidents and crimes, as well as the P25-compliant VP6000 series. Portable digital radio with greater robustness and ease of use. These models will be presented as radio communication system solutions for the public safety market.

5. Radio solution system for various fields

We will showcase the application services of our radio communication systems and development partners as a package solution system in various fields.

6. Indoor location information management system for prisons and commercial facilities

We provide systems that provide timely access to information on the location of staff in prisons and commercial facilities for proper staffing. With the beacon from the NEXEDGE GPS location information series and Bluetooth installed in the building, the system will be able to track, report and record the location and status of the staff in real time.

7. IP-based compact base station scheduling system - CommandIQ

We will showcase CommandIQ's compact IP-based scheduling system, which saves installation space for base stations and operations offices. NEXEDGE is used in radio communication digital radio systems to support IP-based remote connections and can therefore be installed anywhere. By integrating with JVCKENWOOD Group's Zetron's MAX dispatch console system, mobile devices can perform scheduling operations while reducing space.

8.NEXEDGE Network Solution

We offer total solutions, including public services and enterprizes and NEXEDGE wide area communication network series, with high scalability and reliability.