Indonesian Ministry of Communications and Information expands emergency call service 112

Date:Jun 11, 2019


Referring to the 2014 Presidential Regulations 96 on the Indonesian Broadband Plan 2014-2019, a number of goals are planned to be implemented, including the expansion of the scope of 112 emergency telecommunications services. The service is used to serve the community in emergencies such as disasters, fires, medical assistance, safety and other emergencies. The program has been implemented since 2016 and continues to be appreciated by the community and local governments to facilitate communication in emergency response.

Notices regarding the above passive infrastructure and emergency call services will be conducted by the regional government. Therefore, the Broadband Development Council, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry of Communications and Information, expressed self-reliance on the development and use of telecommunications passive infrastructure and emergency call service policies. Socialization was held on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Grands I Hotel in Batam, Riau Islands.

Some relevant ministries are present, such as the Ministry of the Interior, the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the Indonesian Telecommunications and Information Access Bureau, the provincial and municipal governments on Sumatra, and telecom operators and call center service providers.

“This program is designed to enable the Ministry of Communication and Information and related agencies to achieve synergy in the implementation of the Communications and Information Minister and the Minister of the Interior on telecommunications passive infrastructure. We do this in order to become a region through a circular in 2019 and in the future. The government has accelerated the guidelines for the rapid adoption of fast fixed broadband Internet services. Not only that, but we also facilitated the public emergency reporting service by contacting 112 call centers to facilitate public reporting of emergencies, and hope that the relevant agencies of the regional government and local police can Process them faster, “Benyamin Sura serves as Director of Broadband Development, Post and Information Management Directorate of the Ministry of Communications and Information.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Information, to date, 112 call center services have been implemented in 34 regions of Indonesia, including:

1) DKI Jakarta Province

2) Surabaya City

3) Batam City

4) Tangerang City

5) Bogor City

6) Depok City

7) Bandung City

8) Surakarta City

9) Balikpapan City

10) Denpasar City

11) Mataram City

12) Makassar City

13) Manado

14) Pandeglang

15) Cilegon City

16) Semarang City

17) Palembang City

18) Kab Purwakarta

19) Tebing Tinggi

20) Pakpak Bharat

21) West Lampung Regency

22) Musi Banyuasin Regency

23) Serang City

24) Kab Badung

25) Bima City

26) Lebak District

27) Banyuasin District

28) Pekanbaru City

29) Kab Grobogan

30) Serang City

31) Tomohon City

32) Majalengka District

33) Probolinggo City

34) Kudus Kab