Kenwood Released The First LTE PoC Radio KWPA18C In China

Date:Oct 30, 2020

Kenwood's first LTE Poc radio provides voice and data services with the help of public network systems. The actual operation is simple and there is no distance limitation. At the same time, it has the functions and performance of a portable Poc radio. It is understood that this radio has been adapted to many mainstream public network platforms.

KWPA18C Main featureskenwood-KWPA18C

Flexible and compact

The thickness is about 34mm, the width is about 57.8mm, and the total weight is about 225g (including KNB-C85L battery). It is comfortable to hold and easy to carry. It can be easily hung on the waist or even put in the jacket pocket.

Full color LCD display

The 1.77-inch full-color LCD display shows battery power, network signal strength, and group information at a glance. The actual operation of the visual menu is simple and practical.

Voice broadcast

Platform login reminder, SIM card mode reminder, battery level reminder, belonging group reminder.

One touch call

Dedicated PTT button, press and hold to speak, release to end.

Call Recording

Support the device recording and platform recording, query recording records, look back and other functions.

Longer battery life

For users who use handheld walkie-talkies, the battery life is always one of the most important parameters. The use of replaceable lithium-ion battery design is convenient for users.

Clear and strong voice

The most important product quality of walkie-talkies is clarity-you can also hear, loud and clear, and understand what the other party is saying. And this device happens to provide such performance.

First of all, the audio output power is as high as 1 watt, which can ensure excellent voice quality even under high ambient noise conditions. In addition, the voice prompt function can also confirm the channel number without looking at the displayed information. Chinese is the default language.

Comfortable grip

The ergonomic, stylish and compact design makes the walkie-talkie easy to hold and operate.

Other functions

  1. GPS positioning function, support the device and platform query

  2. The charging port selects USBtype-C

  3. Single SIM card, support China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom IoT card

  4. Audio output power: 1W8Ω

  5. Mode reminder light, flashing green/red/yellow

  6. Scene mode selection

  7. Individual call/group call/temporary group function

  8. Automatic screen protection, optional display lighting time

  9. Key lock

  10. Protection grade IP54

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