Korea Telecom Launched 5G Communication Satellite, Will Realize Global Deployment Of 5G

Date:Nov 26, 2019



KT SAT, a satellite operator of Korea Telecom(KT), successfully connected via the world ’s first satellite. A "satellite 5G hybrid router" has been developed for testing and transmitted its 5G network and satellite to multiple 5G mobile phones for high-definition video transmission. KT SAT operates a total of 5 satellites, which will enable the company to deploy the technology globally.

Provide 5G data.

KOREASAT 6 satellites to transmit information, despite the lack of connectivity to 5G networks.

Send content to all phones with the same bandwidth.

It is reported that KT SAT and KT ICT are preparing a joint report to test the transmission of 5G data to 3G PP via satellite.

KT SAT and the KT Converged Technology Institute jointly conducted a test project. "Hybrid 5G network data transmission between the earth" combines different networks and provides better data transmission than conventional 5G services and "connected 5G edge cloud content delivery" to connect terrestrial communication channels to satellites The satellite combines satellite communications with a content delivery network (CDN) for transmitting video from a 5G network.

The key to the success of hybrid 5G transmission between the world and satellites is that the router was developed by KT Institute and KT SAT. The 5G equipment connected to the router can send and receive various data at the same time or use a separate route between the 5G equipment and satellite transfer data

By using hybrid technology, KT SAT can still provide various services as usual using only one KOREASAT 6 satellite. After trying to disconnect the network signal.

The above tests show that the hybrid 5G data transmission technology can help a moving vehicle or automatic machine using the 5G network to maintain the network connection when the 5G signal is lost or a natural disaster occurs.

KT SAT currently offers five communication satellites, KOREASAT 5, 5A, 6, 7 and 8, covering approximately 60% of the Earth's surface.

At the same time, KT SAT uses a method of connecting terrestrial communication channels with satellites. Send real-time streaming data and real-time video clips of the company's Kumsan Satellite Service Center to the 5G edge cloud at the KT Research and Development Center in the city's Umyeon-dong district. Signals are sent from KOREASAT 6 in Seoul. Sending data to many 5G devices goes smoothly without interruption

This latest technology enables simultaneous delivery of content to all smartphones with the same bandwidth. Satellite communications can only send high-definition video (HD) to a single smartphone within the specified bandwidth

In the past, TV stations and large content companies could only use satellite signal transmitters to complete satellite communications. Due to the limited bandwidth and expensive price of satellite communications,

KT SAT predicts that if both technologies are used for commercial purposes, satellite communications at relatively low speeds can be improved to enable faster data transmission without signal interference. This will expand opportunities for many users in countries with less developed communication systems. Ability to access high-quality content

KT SAT explained that the research goal of transmitting 5G data through this satellite is likely to promote the connection between 5G NR (Next Generation Radio) communication and satellite communication. An international standard for connection technology between satellite and 5G was invented.

KT SAT and the KT Institute plan to jointly report the test results to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in the first half of 2020. Satellite 5G is one of the research areas supported by 3GPP. Which agency is responsible for publishing international technical standards named "3GPP Release 16" under the 2018 initiative

Many experts in the field of communication predict that according to the current research results, under the "3GPP Release 17" plan, the global 5G standardization work for satellite 5G will become more satisfactory in 2020.

"Combining satellite and 5G network communications will create a communications environment without geographic gaps. This will facilitate communication when disasters and emergencies occur" It is also useful for the content market where communications are critical. "KT SAT, President of KT SAT, said. We will be able to achieve the goal of publishing international standards and providing quality services to our customers."

Jeon Hong-Beom, vice president of KT and director of KT Converged Technology Research Institute, said: "We are very happy to be able to successfully use the KT Group to connect satellites to the 5G network for the first time. We look forward to consolidating the entire Group's technical capabilities in the future to continue to support the new Business development. "