Kumamoto, Oita, Kagoshima And Fukuoka Prefectures In Japan Have Opened 00000 JAPAN Wireless Network For Disasters

Date:Jul 27, 2020


At 12:00 on July 9, in response to heavy rains and floods, Kumamoto Prefecture, Oita Prefecture, Kagoshima Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan established a unified disaster prevention SSID public wireless Local Area Network (LAN) network "00000JAPAN".

"00000JAPAN" is a public wireless network that is provided free of charge in the event of a disaster, and is a service that allows major telecommunications operators to provide services that are usually provided to customers regardless of contract.


To connect to the "00000JAPAN" network on your mobile phone, simply click on "00000JAPAN" from the Wi-Fi menu of the "Settings" application to connect.


In addition to providing disaster messaging services, the "00000JAPAN" network can also extend the payment period for victims.

It is important that the "00000JAPAN" network does not have security measures such as communication encryption, because it attaches great importance to the convenience that anyone can use in the event of a disaster.


The Japan General Association Wireless LAN Business Promotion Liaison Committee recommends that when using the "00000JAPAN" network, check security and collect information in an emergency.