La Vega Receives Communication Equipment To Enhance Security

Date:Jan 29, 2021



A modern communications equipment donated on the morning of this Tuesday, January 26, the administration of Governor Héctor Olimpo Espinosa to the director of the La Vega de Sincelejo Penitentiary Establishment.

These tools, consisting of 23 communication radios, are intended to reinforce the security system inside and outside the penitentiary located in the La Vega neighborhood of the capital of Sucre.

Mónica Jiménez Serpa, an official of the Departmental Government Secretariat, said that with these communication elements one of the problems that has cost the most to eradicate will be reduced, such as the so-called "baseball players", people who from the outside throw hallucinogenic drugs inwards of the prison.

They will also be able to attend to the requirements of alteration of public order, flight of inmates and administrative matters in a more agile and quick way, as expressed by Juan Miguel Villalba Tapia, director of the prison.

For ten years in the La Vega National Prison, an investment like this has not been made and in an emergency one had to resort to rudimentary, unconventional and easy to intercept communications.

Villalba Tapia, director of the prison, thanking the sectional president for the support, said that the provision will be of great help to preserve coexistence within the prison.

Likewise, Jhony Chadid Blanco, representative of the Guardians' Union, stated that with this endowment, situations of alteration will be addressed much faster than before.