Large-scale Demonstrations Broke Out In Thailand Again And Bangkok Entered A State Of Emergency

Date:Oct 20, 2020

The National Stability Maintenance Committee’s proposal was passed at the Thai Cabinet meeting on October 16, approving the implementation of a severe emergency decree in Bangkok from October 15 for a period of one month. The authorities said that because anti-government organizations called "People's Group 2563 (Khana Rassadorn 2563)" instigated people to participate in rallies in many places in Bangkok, a serious emergency decree must be issued. The Thai prime minister told the media after the meeting that if the protests continue to rise, it will not rule out a curfew and prohibit people from leaving their homes at night. But he also emphasized that there is no need to declare martial law in this situation.

Anti-government demonstrators clashed fiercely with the "Guardians"

Since the 13th, tens of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Bangkok, demanding that Prime Minister Prayut step down, calling on Thailand to carry out political reforms and curb the king’s excessive power and property abuse. The protesters surrounded the government headquarters that night.

At the same time, important commemorative activities surrounding the Thai royal family are also being staged. The 13th happened to be the fourth anniversary of the death of the former King Bhumibol (Rama IX). On that day, people dressed in yellow went to the Jade Buddha Temple in the Grand Palace to pay homage to the bronze statue of Bhumibol. The current King Vajiralongkorn (Rama X) also participated in the commemoration ceremony of the Buddhist Summer Festival in Bangkok. The event attracted many royal supporters. However, during the event, protesters demanding democracy and royal reform also showed up and expressed their dissatisfaction with Vajiralongkorn directly.

Supporters of the royal family dressed in yellow clashed with protesters. During the rally, the two camps once threw objects at each other. The Thai police deployed 15,000 police forces to maintain order and separate the two sides of the conflict.