Mag One Brand's First Public Network Walkie-talkie Launched

Date:Dec 02, 2020

On December 1, the signing ceremony of Motorola Systems (China) Co., Ltd., VST Jiajie Holdings Co., Ltd. and MGK (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. Representatives of the three parties jointly witnessed the Mag One brand's first cloud-based scheduling The new PoC public network walkie-talkie-Mag One H58 is launched.

With the communication and coordination between regions, the market demand for wireless communication products has become increasingly prominent. In most scenarios, public network walkie-talkies are a more efficient and convenient choice compared to other wireless communication products.


Mag One, as a highly cost-effective and popular commercial walkie-talkie brand, has launched several new products in recent years to better meet the needs of customers in the commercial market. Mag One H58 is Mag One’s first Cloud-Based Dispatch-based PTT-Over-Cellular (PoC) public network walkie-talkie, with a built-in open intelligent operating system (Android). It is used in carrier networks and industry-specific wireless In a WiFi environment*, it provides you with efficient, reliable and stable command and dispatch communication. Facing the new 3C digital technology (Connect interconnection, Control control, Convergence integration), breaking the geographical dimension limitation, realizing ultra-long-distance public network trunking intercom and visual command and dispatch.


Mag One H58 is suitable for public safety, transportation and logistics distribution, property security management, manufacturing, forestry, electric power, aviation port dispatch management, vehicle dispatch management, hospitals and medical systems, tourism and vacation, hotel industry, commerce and other industries. With Mag One H58's compact, portable, high-end and durable design, it is the right choice for companies looking for a stable and efficient public network radio.

At present, the public network intercom market has initially taken shape. Motorola Systems, VST Jiajie and MGK will focus on the technological innovation, channel promotion and professional services of public network intercom products, and jointly create public network intercom applications. And the ecosystem of services gives customers in various industries new value needed for communication.