Mexico Puebla Plans To Crack Down On Fake Emergency Calls

Date:Nov 08, 2019


From January to September this year, the number of fake 911 emergency calls in Puebla, Mexico was very high. A total of 26,410 telephone calls were received, 84% of which were false, that is, they only mobilized the troops.

On behalf of Mónica Lara Chávez, the proposed amendment to the law imposes a maximum of 4 years in prison on the person responsible. The legislator made a recommendation to the plenary.

The amendment envisages punishing who makes emergency calls, intimidation or false alarms by any means of communication (such as landline, mobile phone, internet application or any means) whose sole purpose is to induce errors and mobilize them. Emergency and emergency systems or their equivalents.

If minors call for intimidation or false alarms, they will be sanctioned under the Mexican Puebla Girls, Children and Adolescents Rights Act and the National Law on the Comprehensive Judicial System. Juvenile crime.

The authorities urged the population to provide parents with appropriate emergency numbers to their children to avoid unusual behavior that could jeopardize the lives of those who really need help.