Mexico’s Oaxaca State Updates P25 Radio System Based On Motorola’s Solution

Date:Nov 18, 2020



November 17, 2020-The Oaxaca state government in Mexico announced that it will modernize the state-wide radio communication network based on Motorola's P25 technology. The system will be integrated with the existing P25 network of the Navy Secretariat and will be interoperable with broadband through Motorola Solutions' Critical Connect solution.

The P25 network in Oaxaca will provide greater coverage in a complex and mountainous geographic area while using fewer repeaters. This will improve seamless mission-critical communication between security agencies.

"This modernization is the result of a unique alliance and collaborative effort between the state government and the Secretary of the Navy and the National Information Center. It allows us to build on the existing SEMAR repeater site and reduce deployment and operating costs. Maestro Manuel Vera, Executive Secretary of the Public Safety System of Jaca State, said: "This sets a precedent for public safety agencies to share infrastructure to use public resources more effectively and ensure urban safety more effectively. "

One of the main advantages of the network will be the flexible coverage along the Transisthmus Railway, a large-scale project that will connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as Salina Cruz, Oaxaca and Cosacovacos (Veracruz State) and other cities.

Motorola's Critical Connect solution will optimize the function of the P25 network. The solution can be interoperable with radio communication networks and broadband PTT technology. The solution will allow public safety agencies to use advanced voice, GPS and text messaging capabilities, and to access and share multimedia data in real time. The end-to-end encryption between P25 and Broadband ensures secure communication and collaboration between agents.

"We are proud that Oaxaca has chosen our P25 and critical connectivity solutions. As the Governor announced in his fourth report, the project aims to equip its public safety agencies with the best technology , So that they can realize the mission of protecting and serving the community. By doing so, Oaxaca joined the state of Nuevo Leon, Guanajuato and Yucatan, as well as the National Defense Secretariat, Navy Secretariat and other government agencies. "Said Alejandro Posadas, general manager of Motorola Solutions Mexico.

He continued: "Motorola Solutions has been operating in Mexico for 60 years. We are committed to show how innovative and effective use of technology can be a great ally in building closer ties and a safer Mexico."

This move by Oaxaca follows the state’s proposal to update the national radio communication network’s public safety strategy with the modern P25 standard, which paves the way for Mexico’s further adoption of international technologies based on standards that provide high-level security and many other advanced features. the way.

The project is part of the vision of Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa, which strengthens Oaxaca by ensuring the use of efficient and advanced technology for crime prevention and justice State public safety.