Michigan, USA Celebrates P25 Communication System Reaching 1 Million Users

Date:Jul 05, 2019



Motorola Solutions and Michigan are celebrating more than 100,000 mission-critical communications radio users on the Michigan Public Safety Communication System (MPSCS).

This represents the Motorola solution's commitment to providing leading communications technology to the state's first responders for nearly 25 years.

“There are about 1,900 agents across the state using MPSCS for seamless communication,” said MPSCS director Brad Stoddard. “This radio communication system built by Motorola solutions is an example for city, county, state, federal and tribal partners to communicate together for the common good.”

Michigan Governor Whitmer recently celebrated this important milestone when he met with the Public Safety Brotherhood and Lansing's MPSCS. To demonstrate an example of system interoperability, she used the Motorola Solutions radio to communicate directly with the first responders in Mackinaw County.

“Celebrating the success of the MPSCS team with our public safety partners and recognizing our commitment to our first responder users over the past 25 years,” said Theron Shinew, deputy director of MPSCS.

The state has been building systems with Motorola Solutions since the mid-1990s, when it was first designed as a statewide solution for the Michigan Police. Since then, it has evolved into the latest Motorola solution ASTRO 25 mobile radio project 25 standard technology, Michigan has nearly 300 base stations for interoperable communication between agencies.

Motorola Solutions works closely with Michigan to provide round-the-clock service and a variety of solutions, including the APX Series of two-way portable and mobile radios, dispatch center consoles and more.

“We are passionate about making our communities safer,” said Chris Lonnett, vice president of sales for Motorola Solutions. “Interoperable communications to meet the needs of first responders and partner government agencies are the foundation to help protect community security.”