Millions Of Signal Towers Stay In The Water

Date:May 30, 2020


In addition to installing towers and trailers for mobile networks on Magh Mela, the machines can also be destroyed by submerging in the Ganges. The towers erected during Magh Mela have not yet opened. Before it rained, it was difficult to remove the tower from the confluence after the Pantoon Bridge and Chakard Plate Highway on the Ganges were opened to traffic. Because of the need to reopen the Pantoon Bridge, many of these towers must be rebuilt. It is said that these signal towers may be immersed in water at any time after the start of monsoon rain.

More than six towers installed for mobile networks in the Sangam area have not been demolished. These include towers and trailers. This situation has arrived when Magh Mela has been there for the past four months. It is said that these towers were operated by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited during the Magh Mela period. On Sunday, BSNL management overcome these obstacles. BSNL DGM Anil Patel said the towers in the Sangam area are used for mobile networks, but these towers are not part of BSNL. However, Magh Melas is leased from government departments through private companies.

BSNA installed BTS on these towers, which have been removed in time. The head of Magh Meladhikari Rajneesh Kumar Mishra said that Delhi-based Indus Building Co., Ltd. won the contract to build the tower at Magh Mela. After the exposition, many letters have been sent to the company to demolish the tower. Magh Meladhikari said that if it rains and the tower is submerged in water, it will not be the responsibility of fair administration.