Missing Ship's Radio Transmitter Found In Caribbean Waters

Date:Jan 28, 2021



The Navy placed the device of the vessel ‘Carmen I’, used in emergencies to locate ships, airplanes or people, at the sea altar.

The Colombian Navy located a radio transmitter on the high seas that corresponds to the Bolivian flag ship Carmen I, which disappeared in the Caribbean Sea 107 nautical miles from Cartagena, when it was making a crossing from Panama to La Guajira.

The object found is the emergency radio beacon or EPIRB, (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, for its acronym in English), which corresponds to the identification number of the ship's marine mobile system.

This device is used in emergency situations to locate a ship, plane or person, and consists of a device that sends intermittent signals with data that allow the location during the search operation.

The equipment was found by a Caribbean Naval Force Ship and despite being floating, no positive results were obtained on the location of the vessel.

The Navy reported that "during the patrols, thermos-type floating elements were found, which would be part of the cargo of the motor ship, according to the data confirmed in the manifest."

Contact with relatives

Once the facts were known and the search and rescue operation was activated, the Caribbean Naval Force Command, led by Rear Admiral Juan Ricardo Rozo Obregón, monitored and monitored the navigation patterns. This in company with the interdisciplinary team of the Colombian Navy and the General Maritime Directorate.

The report points out that simultaneously with the search and rescue operation, through the Caribbean Coast Guard Command, communication is established with the relatives and friends of the crew, keeping them informed of the current situation, pending official results.

"The Colombian Navy will continue with search and rescue efforts through the deployment of air and maritime units, in order to achieve the rescue of the ten crew members of the Carmen I vessel," the report states.

The ship loaded with merchandise had sailed from Panama last Monday to Puerto Nuevo, in Alta Guajira. The last report signal from her was 107 nautical miles from Cartagena.