Mobile Phone Emergency Help 112 Service Launched In St. Petersburg

- Jul 17, 2019-

Recently, Russia has a new feature in the mobile app "Safe St. Petersburg" - "emergency help". According to the Information and Communication Committee of the City Monitoring Center, citizens will be able to quickly contact the service 112 with the help of new options.

The mobile app "Safe St. Petersburg" has been used by nearly 30,000 people. You can find the camera closest to the emergency site and view its overview, send a request to save the video archive and transfer the video from the scene to the city video surveillance system.

According to the Urban Monitoring Center, “emergency assistance” is especially useful for people with disabilities. In the special form that must be completed before sending a message to Service 112, you can indicate separately that the applicant has any health restrictions.russia-mobile-emergency-112-service

When sending a message to the emergency call service 112, you need to specify what happened and what help and address is needed. Must specify and personal user data - last name, first name, middle name and date of birth. You can fill out a form with personal data in the “emergency help” in advance to avoid wasting time in an emergency.

Thanks to the new features, the functionality of the Safe St. Petersburg mobile app has been significantly expanded. An updated version of the app allows you to combine services designed to improve the security of the city and its residents in a single interface.