Motorola Solution Develops New Functions For APX NEXT Radio

Date:May 09, 2020


Recently, Motorola Solutions announced that it will provide new intelligent and intuitive software services for APX NEXT radios. These allow users to quickly find each other and share MMS messages on the map. APX NEXT is a radio that provides mission-critical voice communication on emergency radio networks while using broadband to use network software.apx-next

APX NEXT radio now allows the introduction of new features integrated with Motorola ’s end-to-end command center software solution: SmartMapping and SmartMessaging.


Built on the same platform as CommandCentral Aware, this application service provides accurate location information in a map view on the radio display. For example, police officers can view the location of other police officers in the form of icons on the map, quickly find the person in distress and click on these icons to send alerts to each other or communicate via radio.


This multimedia communication tool enables users to safely share videos, pictures, text and voice annotations in an extended team. For example, a dispatcher can send a photo of a suspect to a group of people in a specific location, or can share a video with a group of people before the group arrives at the scene of the incident.