Motorola Solution Releases Three Analog Mag One Commercial Two-way Radios In China

Date:Jun 10, 2020


As a banner in the field of commercial two-way radio, the Mag One series has always been favored by users for its simple operation, high reliability, and economical characteristics.

The gradually growing Mag One series has ushered in new models Mag One VZ-10, Mag One VZ-12, Mag One VZ-18.

Responding to the frequent voice communication needs of business users, the new Mag One two-way radio brings tail-end cancellation technology to further reduce the trouble caused by noise, make the sound quality clearer, and make the communication smoother.

At the same time, their light-weight design is easy to control and carry, even if you can't manually press the keys during busy work, the built-in VOX voice control function can make you easily communicate with voice even in noisy environments. With an endurance of more than 15 hours, he can handle all tasks with ease during the whole shift.VZ-10 (2)

Voice broadcast

The voice broadcast function allows users to quickly perceive the key working status of the intercom's working channel and power information, and helps users quickly and accurately implement channel conversion and power query operations.

Tail elimination

This feature is set on the intercom. After the sender talks, the "click" sound caused by the disappearance of the carrier will be alleviated, so that the receiver will be less troubled by noise and improve the user experience.

VOX voice-activated emission

No need to manually press the PTT button, you can use voice to activate the radio and enter the transmission state. The built-in VOX voice control function allows users to easily perform voice communication without deliberate operation. With multi-level adjustable gain, it is very suitable for specific use scenarios.

Programmable shortcut keys

The top key and side key of the fuselage can be defined as different preset functions through the programming software. The user can choose two of various functions for the definition of each programmable key according to their own use needs to enhance the use Convenience. Efficient and efficient operation will bring users a better experience and value.

Clear voice

The maximum audio power output of 1W brings clear and loud calls, allowing you to use it smoothly in noisy environments.

High-capacity lithium battery

The power saving function and the high-capacity lithium battery provide far more than 15 hours of battery life to meet the duty needs of the whole shift. (15 hours: in the 5-5-90 working mode, obtained through relevant laboratory tests of Motorola system)

Easy to set up

The dedicated software setting interface is simple and easy to use, which is convenient for users to flexibly configure related product working parameters according to the usage scenario.

Other characteristics

• 3 programmable buttons

• High and low power adjustment

• Scan/Priority Scan

• Over 15 working hours

• CTCSS/DCS tone setting

• Battery saving and low battery warning

• Busy channel lock

• Emergency alarm