Motorola Solutions’ APX NEXT XE Dedicated Radio Brings Enhanced Communications And Actionable Intelligence To Firefighters

Date:Sep 30, 2020

On September 23, 2020, Motorola Solutions today announced the launch of APXNEXT XE, its next-generation project P25, a broadband-enabled radio designed specifically for firefighters. It combines mission-critical voice communication and data applications that combine radio voice control, messaging, mapping, and important new collaboration applications to help improve the situational awareness of field personnel. APX NEXT XE and its predecessor, APX NEXT for law enforcement, are designed based on thousands of hours of hands-on, customer-centric research.

"My department is one of many departments that provided feedback to Motorola's solutions during the design and testing of APX NEXT XE. It can provide information on how firefighters communicate in a fire, what we need in the radio, and how to improve existing technology. Insights," Mike Moser, Deputy Fire Chief, Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department, Coral Springs, Florida. "Motorola Solutions is looking for input information in all aspects of the radio, such as ergonomics, touch screen display, and broadband application availability for emergency personnel. We believe that APX NEXT XE has the potential to become a true life-saving technology because it allows firefighters to Communicate seamlessly and effortlessly in the most critical situations."

Firefighters can be on duty anytime, anywhere, and APX NEXT XE is designed to achieve quick response and improve safety. With the application of APX NEXT XE, users can automatically switch between P25 and broadband when traveling out of a county or state, find each other on an interactive map, share MMS, and update GPS locations every few seconds. Notification scheduling. The correct configuration is essential for correct response, and the entire APX NEXT XE radio equipment can be updated remotely via LTE within a few minutes while they are still on site.

Scott Mottonen, senior vice president of Motorola's Solutions Products Division, said firefighters must be prepared for everything-from responding to medical emergencies, conducting technical rescues to responding to wildfires. "Although voice communication is still the lifeline of firefighters, we have designed APX NEXT XE for the various tasks that may be brought about every day. When preparing for rescue, they can receive pictures and videos of obstacles that need to be overcome. When time is critical When it’s important, they can also see each other’s location on a real-time map. These are just a few examples of the features that our state-of-the-art fire broadcasting can provide." ViQi™ voice control

APX NEXT XE is provided, allowing users to control their radio with simple and intuitive voice commands. It allows firefighters to perform operations such as changing the radio channel, checking the battery status, and adjusting the radio volume with the touch of a dedicated ViQi button, so their attention remains on the task at hand. ViQi voice control is designed to work in a noisy environment on the fire scene, and is equipped with a high dynamic range microphone to improve clarity and voice clarity.

APX NEXT XE adopts form factor and advanced audio processing technology, which firefighters have trusted in the award-winning APX XE radio product series for many years. It maintains the push-to-talk function that has been used to relay key information for a long time, and introduces new performance enhancements, such as a glove-type touch screen. The shell of APX NEXT XE is sturdy and durable, which can withstand the extreme environment faced by firefighters in the wild, from high temperature to exposure to water and immersion in water.

Motorola Solutions’ APX NEXT has been certified and can be used in the United States’ FirstNet, AT&T and Verizon networks, and Canada’s Bell Mobility network. APX NEXT XE is awaiting certification for use on the same network. The radio equipment has single-band and multi-band configurations.