Motorola Solutions Continues To Provide Radio Communications For Australia's Rio Tinto Aluminum

Date:Apr 24, 2020



On April 23, 2020, Motorola Solutions continued to provide products for Rio Tinto in Queensland, Australia.


The Motorola solution designed and launched a backup communication solution for Rio Tinto's Aluminum Integrated Operations Center in Brisbane, Queensland. The system can continue critical communication between mines in an emergency, and the system was developed and deployed in only five days.


The existing integrated operations center monitors all safety, production and quality aspects of remote bauxite mines in Wepa, Queensland and Gove, Northern Territory. The supply of bauxite is crucial.


If the integrated operation center fails, Rio Tinto Aluminum can continue to track the production activities of the mine through its mission-critical digital two-way radio communication system based on the TETRA standard, which directly feeds the disaster recovery center of the mining organization.


Rio Tinto uses a combination of rugged and reliable TETRA DIMETRA and MOTOTRBO radios and a dispatch console throughout the mine to safely and effectively monitor and manage field operations.


The solution is an important part of Rio Tinto ’s business continuity plan to ensure that companies operate safely throughout the new coronavirus epidemic, thereby achieving continuity in the commercial supply chain and planning for future emergencies.


Martin Chappell, General Manager of Energy and Natural Resources for Motorola Solutions Australia and New Zealand, said: "Any communication equipment used in the mining industry must comply with the highest standards to ensure worker safety and maintain safety and reliability throughout the operation."


Chapel said: “Through the combination of rugged radios, dedicated dispatching stations and necessary backup links, we have provided Rio Tinto Aluminum with effective protection of its personnel and assets to ensure business during the epidemic of new coronavirus Continuity. "