Motorola Solutions Equips Moldova Ambulance With TETRA Two-way Radio Equipment

Date:Jun 07, 2019



Motorola solutions equips Moldovan medical personnel and ambulance teams with 1,000 TETRA radios to modernize the digital two-way radio system for Moldova ambulances.

June 3, 2019 - BASS Systems, an authorized distributor of Motorola solutions, has been equipped with Motorola's TETRA-compliant digital two-way radio for more than 500 ambulances in Moldova, according to the tender. Future leading communications solutions enable medical staff to provide better medical care to the Moldovan population. Within the contractual framework, the Motorola solutions will provide approximately 1,000 MTM5400 mobile radios.motorola-mobile-radio-mtm5400 

Portable radio for medical personnel and Motorola MTM5400 for ambulance teams. The radio has the functions necessary for safe and efficient operation, including optimized audio performance and high receiver sensitivity to ensure that Moldovan ambulances remain in communication even under the most demanding conditions. In addition, thanks to its intuitive user interface and keyboard, TETRA-compliant radios can be used in harsh conditions and are extremely easy to operate.
Motorola solutions has been a long-term trusted partner of the Moldovan Public Safety Organization. In 2018, the company began implementing the first TETRA radio solution for Moldovan ambulances. A year ago, the Motorola solution also signed a contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova to expand its communications network for mission-critical TETRA standards. Under the agreement, the Motorola solutions will expand the existing TETRA digital radio network and establish a nationwide network of TETRA standards for the Moldovan police by 2020.
“In 2018, the Motorola solutions helped Moldova ambulances implement a small-scale TETRA-standard radio system,” said Michael Kaae, vice president of the Motorola solutions Nordic, Russia and Eastern Europe. “We are pleased that our TETRA-compliant digital two-way radio solution was selected to complete the modernization of the Moldova ambulance radio system. The project is ambitious and we promise to complete it by the end of the year.”
Motorola solutions provides digital radio solutions for many public safety organizations in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, including Croatian public safety organizations, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Romania.