Motorola Solutions (Brazil) Highlights Paraíba's Secure Radio Digital Communications

- Feb 28, 2019-


motorola-solutions-event-in-sao -Paulo

Motorola Solutions Brazil on Thursday (21st) in an event in São Paulo highlighted the Brazilian government's purchase of digital radio communication systems for the Paraíba security forces. The investment in Paraíba was cited during the meeting, which opened the company’s 40th annual agenda in the country and was attended by former Minister of Security and Social Defense Cláudio Lima, who was invited to talk about implementing the project. And carry out the work of digital communication management in public safety.

At the conference, in addition to company arrangements, Motorola Solutions also used the event to introduce some examples of the use of its solutions in different vertical industries. The main one is Paraíba's Security and Social Defense Secretariat, where it is difficult to enter joint operations that require large areas of different forces, which is quite restrictive for the use of interceptable analog radio to cover remote areas. The partnership with Motorola ensures that the state becomes the first state in Brazil to have more than 90% of the security forces' digital radio coverage. This technology not only ensures that communications are always running, but also encrypts them to prevent criminals from intercepting information.

Paraíba's current Secretary of Security and Social Defense, Jean Nunes, is also a member of the former government, emphasizing that the technology is the largest investment in the state to replace analog communications equipment. "With these devices the Civil Police, Military, Fire Department, Prison, Police Car and Military Department are working with interconnected software consisting of digital systems, modern equipment such as radio equipment and advanced - Tetra-compliant radio systems to ensure encrypted radios Communication, with 47 repetition points, provides quality and high availability signals to public security agencies. A total of 5,600 radios, 4,000 portable, 1,300 mobile and 332 repeaters, with expandability and digital technology, are available The exact location," he said.