Motorola Solutions Introduces APX NEXT Smart Two-Way Radio

- Oct 25, 2019-


October 24, 2019 – Motorola Solutions today announced the launch of the next-generation APX NEXT two-way radio, the next-generation mission-critical project 25 (P25) standard with LTE public safety radio with built-in enhanced communication capabilities and data software. The Motorola solution also released ViQi, a public safety virtual assistant software that provides critical information to first-aiders on-site and allows users to operate the radio via voice control.

APX NEXT is the latest mission-critical P25 radio in the APX family of Motorola solutions. . It can be supported by FirstNet's embedded LTE connectivity communication platform, which delivers voice and data quickly to the first responders on site. The APX NEXT features a touch screen and a user interface designed for public safety. The touch screen can be used on rainy days and when wearing gloves. It provides one-click access to radio controls, large touch targets and an optimized navigation interface for quick navigation. The ViQi Voice Control allows users to quickly manage radio controls with simple and intuitive voice commands.motorola_apx_nex

Scott Mottonen, senior vice president of Motorola Solutions, said: "APX NEXT was created after extensive field research and testing with more than 2,000 hours of law enforcement agencies." "We know that emergency responders need intuitive, intelligent technology so that In any case, keep your eyes open, hands-free and focused."

APX Next Generation Software Services

New software services for this new radio using radio voice communications and LTE networks include:


  • ViQi Voice Assistant: With the ViQi Virtual Partner, the first responder can use natural language interaction to retrieve information from a remote database, such as "ViQi, Run License."

  • SmartConnect: APX NEXT detects when the radio signal is low and automatically switches to the LTE broadband connection to ensure continuity of PTT voice communication. Then, when the signal returns, it will switch back to the radio without user intervention.

  • SmartLocate: The location data of the person is automatically sent over the broadband to the dispatcher's cartographic console, providing the dispatcher with up-to-date location information (up to 3 seconds). Unleash your valuable radio system resources by sending frequent location updates over the network.

  • SmartProgramming: Even if police officers are using it, the radio's software and configuration data can be quickly updated via broadband. This means that APX NEXT spends less time on the radio and more time on the spot.

ViQi Voice Assistant 

Today, ViQi Voice Assistant enables police officers to quickly and carefully retrieve critical information from remote databases with simple voice queries, including:


  • Number plate

  • Driver's license information

  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • The Motorola solution is working on future versions of ViQi, such as requiring vehicle assistance, access to statements and foreign language speech translation.

The APX NEXT and ViQi product demonstrations will take place from October 27th to 29th at the International Police Chiefs Association (IACP) meeting at booth 3811 at McCormick Place West in Chicago.