Motorola Solutions Introduces Integrated Call Control Software To Enhance 911 Response Speed

Date:Jun 14, 2019


Motorola solution enables seamless operation by integrating call processing and computer-aided scheduling (CAD) software, making operation simpler.


"As part of our voice and CAD software products, we are using separate products and merging them into an integrated call control solution," said Andrew Sinclair, vice president and general manager of Motorola Solutions Software. “The caller will no longer need to switch between call processing and CAD solutions to get the information they need. Integrated call control will help save valuable seconds that can have an impact in an emergency.”


Motorola's new integrated call control combines the company's next-generation 911 call processing and CAD software solutions. This will enable the caller to answer the call, create an incident report, assign the first responder and release the call, all from one workstation to improve time and accuracy.


Customers can choose Motorola Solutions' next-generation 911 and CAD software, including:

Next generation 911 software

CallWorks CallStation: A browser-based 9-1-1 call processing solution that provides a comprehensive workflow for managing emergency calls and text messages.

VESTA 911: Inclusive next-generation 911 call processing solution that works in a flexible, open software architecture

CAD software

PremierOne CAD: Scheduling software that easily shares information with first responders and other departments or agencies on the site to enhance collaboration.

Spillman Flex CAD: Software designed to distribute resources through information collection and notify first responders to provide enhanced situational awareness.

The integrated call control solution will also provide a single map view of the event. Separate 9-1-1 and CAD systems usually have separate maps that do not communicate with each other. Through a map, callers can quickly share centralized data to assign and assign first responders.


Motorola's end-to-end command center software CommandCentral, including the new integrated call control, will be on display at NENA 2019 in Orlando, Florida, USA from June 14th to 19th, booth number 706.