Motorola Solutions Launches A New Generation Of TETRA Two-way Radio MXP600

Date:Oct 28, 2020



Motorola Solutions is about to launch its new TETRA two-way radio device MXP600 to meet the needs of public safety personnel. Lightweight but rugged radio takes the reliable function of mission-critical voice communication to a new level, and can work with other solutions.

 "Frontline professionals always need to use two-way radios as a lifeline in high-stress situations, but they may also need to collaborate with other carry-on devices (including smartphones and cameras) without compromising the security or reliability of their wireless voice Sex. Communication", said Mark Schmidl, Senior Vice President of Motorola Solutions.


They can activate other devices with the most natural and intuitive device to use in that situation, rather than processing multiple devices at the same time. For example, if a police officer presses the emergency button in a life-threatening situation, the radio will be able to automatically activate the wearable camera in the future without the police officer needing to initiate the process separately. Everything is to simplify but improve the key functions of mission-critical communications,” explains Katja Millard, Senior Equipment Director, Motorola Solutions.


The introduction of MXP600 will help organizations flexibly develop their mission-critical solutions while taking full advantage of the advantages of secure wireless voice communication:


Hear clearly in the noisiest environment. MXP600 uses smart microphone technology to suppress background noise, and the maximum loudness is about four times that of a typical smartphone. When operating under high wind conditions, the device will automatically use the speaker as an additional microphone to best reduce wind noise. When multiple radios are in close proximity, the MXP600 will automatically eliminate sound feedback, thereby enabling effective communication.

Fundamentally accelerate equipment management so that frontline employees stay on site.

Supporting Wi-Fi makes it possible to update the radio anytime and anywhere within a few minutes, thus avoiding the time, logistics and cost required for traditional radio programming. Fast, safe and convenient, it can maximize the productivity of front-line workers and help them stay on site.

Flexible collaboration. Use the radio in the way that suits you best through the smartphone app to scroll through the talk group, send safety messages and discreet radio communications when needed. The new M-RadioControl software enables smart phones and MXP600 to work together. The Near Field Communication (NFC) chip embedded in the MXP600 makes pairing easy and quick, and Bluetooth 5.0 enables wireless connections between radios, smartphones and other devices.