Motorola Solutions Launches Broadband Communications Solutions In Japan

Date:May 24, 2019


May 23, 2019 - Motorola Solutions Launched the WAVE Broadband Solution in Japan, a communications service that seamlessly connects corporate teams through instant and reliable group-based communications.


The new service securely delivers real-time voice and data communications over any IP network, connecting teams and individuals inside and outside the existing communications system.


Motorola's solution network integration and carrier-independent solutions generate more than 20 million minutes of talk time per month.


Reliable and flexible services provide geographically redundant backup links in eastern and western Japan and are supported 24/7 by Motorola Solutions' control room.


The advantages of the new service have been demonstrated in recent field tests, which provide extremely high audio clarity and low levels of call latency.


Hirotaka Kobayashi, head of commercial sales at Motorola Solutions Japan, said flexible technology enables instant, group-based communication with the push of a button.


“BAVE connects organizations and government agencies to increase collaboration and productivity by connecting a large number of mobile workers,” Kobayashi said.


“The solution is customizable and flexible. It enables organizations to create and control multiple talk groups and scale their services as business needs change,” he said.

“WAVE also includes scheduling software that provides a complete operational view for service users. This includes drawing tools to track the location of people and resources, help improve situational awareness, and protect workers in emergencies,” he said.


A critical solution for Japan

From transportation and logistics to construction, hospitality and other industries, WAVE solutions are designed to meet the operational needs of multiple industries. Broadband push-to-talk service is easy to deploy and customers can start using it within an hour of purchase.


The Motorola solution also released a dedicated two-way radio - TLK 100.motorola-tlk100


This wireless phone features location tracking, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Caller ID. For added convenience, you can also remotely configure the device via a web browser "wireless". The rugged design of the TLK100 is based on military standards and can be used in the Japanese band.


Flexible cloud-based services reduce capital costs

Mike deVente, vice president of Motorola Solutions Asia Pacific, said that users of the service can only spend the money they need to manage the day-to-day operational requirements of broadband PTT.

“WAVE is the solution for any organization that wants to combine large numbers of people on a single communication platform simply and economically,” he said.