Motorola Solutions Launches H4 Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection Solution

Date:Aug 28, 2020


August 26, 2020-Motorola Solutions launches the provision of H4 thermal rise temperature detection video security and analysis products.

The Avigilon H4 Thermal solution is a pre-screening solution that can be used to detect signs of elevated human body temperature.

John Kedzierski, Senior Vice President of Video Security and Analysis, Motorola Solutions, said: “By screening for indicators of elevated body temperature at the entry point, we are helping companies protect the health and well-being of their teams.” “In these uncertain times, our Technology can provide insights to help customers better manage their operations and deliver business results more safely."

The H4 Thermal solution consists of infrared spectroscopy thermal imaging cameras with edge-based analysis capabilities, providing a non-contact alternative to traditional screening methods.


The introduction of the H4 solution is part of Motorola Solutions' analysis suite, which is designed to support organizations in exploring options for safe return to an office or facility. These products focus on key elements surrounding the safety of the novel coronavirus, including prevention, protection and response.