Motorola Solutions Launches MOTOTRBO Nitro Solution For Business Users

- Mar 21, 2019-


On March 18, 2019, Motorola Solutions introduced MOTOTRBO Nitro solution end-to-end enterprise communications solution solution for commercial customers, delivering premium voice communications and high-speed private broadband data.

“Commercial operations such as hotels, universities and warehouses rely on instant voice communications as the backbone of their employees, and they need broadband data to be equally reliable,” said John Zidar, vice president of North America Channel and Carriers, Motorola Solutions.mototrbo_nitro_solution

MOTOTRBO Nitro solution will provide a network and reliable broadband push-to-talk service, and the voice conversation will sound clear and natural. Indoor voice and data covering the entire organization is achieved with twice the capacity and up to four times the private broadband data in the Wi-Fi range. The Nitro solution uses the CBRS band to provide wireless network deployment and management for its commercial operations, meeting the market's need for custom private networks that provide voice and broadband data.

“MOTOTRBO Nitro solution's products are very different from previous private mobile radio deployments,” said Ken Rehbehn, principal communications principal at IHS Markit Technology. “Create a network by leveraging the flexible management of new bands offered by CBRS – broadband-based land mobile radio (LMR) system, Motorola offers enterprises the advantages of MOTOTRBO-based push-to-talk and LTE-compliant data networks. This approach should provide enhanced voice and data capabilities as well as an attractive overall cost reduction."motorola_sln 1000

Nitro's commitment to providing customers with a complete security solution is available for different frequency bands and network applications. With push-to-talk, video input, enterprise security and workflow applications, and a handheld radio dedicated to the CBRS band - SLN 1000 - Nitro enriches the broadband capabilities of the MOTOTRBO portfolio and enhances existing LMR networks. Customers can easily add new users to the network while still communicating seamlessly with existing LMR two-way radio users.

With the development of the communications field, Nitro solutions have evolved as customer needs have evolved. Whether it means LMR communications, future video surveillance integration, secure operations centers, or leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, Nitro will be ready to expand any commercial operations.