Motorola Solutions Launches New TLK 150 Mobile Radio

Date:May 22, 2020


May 18, 2020, Motorola Solutions announced the launch of the new TLK 150 mobile radio with a one-touch push-to-talk or hands-free accessory and no distracting screen. Key safety features (such as location tracking, emergency calls, and alarms) help drivers stay safe and resolved, while large coverage and clear and clear audio ensure that everyone stays in touch.



The TLK 150 mobile two-way radio supports WAVE network services and can quickly connect users of different devices, networks and locations. The TLK 150 is small and compact and can be installed in multiple locations of vehicles, specifically for transportation, manufacturing, construction and education.


John Rosati, vice president of North American channels for Motorola Solutions, said: "Commercial fleets must abide by very strict laws to ensure the safety of drivers and others they encounter on the road or on the job site." TLK 150 two-way radio, we can better meet the communication and security needs, especially when operating the vehicle. "motorola_tlk-150

TLK 150 works on a nationwide cellular network and can interoperate with handheld radios, so it can communicate with existing radio networks. This feature combines the simplicity of two-way radio communication with a wide range of coverage, and can extend the push-to-talk feature to a single work location or an entire country. The device also uses AES-256 encryption algorithm to ensure safe and private communications. Users can manage call groups and subscriptions in real time, without additional infrastructure to increase coverage, connectivity and productivity.