Motorola Solutions Launches Next-generation Pronto Mobile Policing Solution In The UK

Date:Dec 06, 2019



Video camera solutions
The video camera can greatly help the police force. It enables them to capture high-quality evidence, which can help ensure convictions throughout the criminal justice system and increase transparency.
Currently, officials need to complete many manual steps when using a portable video solution, including turning on the camera and uploading and tagging material into a data management system.
These manual steps are eliminated with a camcorder. GPS-enabled cameras capture location data and automatically synchronize with details recorded on the Pronto device. The full integration of these solutions means that camera lenses are automatically tagged when they are uploaded to the CommandCentral Vault.
"Videos worn on the body are becoming an important tool for improving police security and an important element of emergency services' ability to gather evidence. They are used in most test environments and work intelligently and seamlessly in the background to ensure that managers are able to Focus on the challenge at hand, "said Fergus Mayne, UK manager and UK sales director, Motorola Solutions Business Unit. "Integration with Pronto equipment allows events to be recorded directly at the command center to ensure that front-line personnel receive the correct support and response from colleagues."
Image integration into the vehicle
 The integration with Pronto equipment was an important advantage of a new pilot with Surrey and Sussex Police in mid-August. It enables police officers to access driving license images on the roadside, helping them quickly identify police officers who have been stopped for traffic violations, such as uninsured vehicles or speeding. In order to break the silos between different organizational systems, the trial reduced the time to identify the driver from the images provided by the license plate database from 16 minutes after being stopped to only 5 minutes. During the 12-week trial, more than 1,400 images were acquired, and the images have now been extended to the entire army.

Dan Pascoe, Sergeant Surrey and Sussex Road Police, said: "The ability to securely receive images of drivers and vehicle license agencies through Pronto devices allows frontline personnel to quickly confirm driving As a crew member, speed up parking inspections, and deal with drivers in a more professional way. The quick way. "
Fergus Mayne, UK manager and UK sales director for Motorola Solutions, added: "By integrating Pronto devices, we are seeing a new generation of mobile police solutions. This is especially important when frontline personnel have to learn more. Can help make better decisions and greatly improve public safety. By eliminating many tedious manual processes and integrating them into Pronto software, the potential of the solution can be unlocked. "