Motorola Solutions Presents At European Police Congress 2019

Date:Feb 23, 2019



The event involved next-generation radio technologies, including artificial intelligence video and analytics, body-worn cameras, TETRA and LTE communications, and network-modernized radio solutions.

Berlin, Germany - February 18, 2019 - Motorola Solutions demonstrates its future leading law enforcement expertise at the 22nd European Police Conference in Berlin, Germany, including its next generation digital evidence and mission-critical communications ecosystem, Avigilon Video And AI-dynamic analysis, body-worn cameras, integrated TETRA and LTE technologies, and trusted network modernization solutions.

“Public security is undergoing a digital transformation. Axel Kukuk, the German regional manager for Motorola Solutions, said law enforcement agencies are using data to transcend response and response. “By turning data into intelligence, public safety organizations can advance the lifeline of their first responders. And ultimately help to keep cities and communities safe. ”

Advanced video and manual analysis

At the 2019 European Police Conference, Motorola Solutions will showcase its next-generation video and analytics solutions, including Avigilon Appearance Search technology and Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology. Appearance SearchTM technology uses the Deep Learning AI search engine to easily classify hours of video to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest. The operator can initiate a search for someone by selecting certain physical descriptions, including clothing color or gender. UMD is an advanced artificial intelligence technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance. Without any predefined rules or settings, the technology is able to keep track of typical activities in the scene and then detect and flag anomalous motion. At the 2019 European Police Conference, the Motorola solution will show how these future leading technologies can be used in real-life scenarios.

BODY-WORN camera and broadband equipment

The Motorola solution portfolio also includes a body-worn police camera that helps streamline evidence collection and enhance police officer's duty safety. These devices provide an intuitive user interface for frontline teams for combined voice communications as well as video and still image capture. Key video evidence can be safely uploaded to Motorola Solutions' CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management solution for storage, analysis and sharing. For mission-critical communications and enhanced situational awareness, the Motorola solution provides LEX L11 digital two-way radio to law enforcement agencies, enabling first responders to access secure applications over broadband networks. Motorola Solutions LTE devices also offer a wide range of innovative features, including rugged, easy-to-use design, best-in-class audio quality and performance, and an advanced end-to-end secure mobile platform.

Network modernization to meet future needs

Future-proof technologies such as Motorola Solutions' DIMETRA X Core and DIMETRA Express TETRA systems enable public safety organizations and commercial customers to leverage their existing TETRA networks while providing more future capabilities for mobile broadband. For future leading interconnect and collaboration, Motorola Solutions offers its WAVE Broadband Push to Talk application, which is part of its Command Center software suite. The WAVE platform connects to different networks, enabling public safety and business users to communicate between smartphones, radios, computers and landlines.

Visit our expert speech at the 2019 European Police Conference:

"Video Solution - Public Safety Progress, Motorola Solutions and Avigilon" Author: RobertKöhler, Regional Sales Director DACH Avigilon, Motorola Solutions - at 11:35 on February 20, 2019 morning, the public safety user forums "public safety digital Future "Radio and Command Center"