Motorola Solutions Got A 10-year Digital-evidence-management Contract

- Nov 06, 2018-

Motorola solutions got a 10-year digital-evidence-management contract

The department’s old system, had some problems , about a year after it was reported that the $42 million system came with dropped calls and blackout zones, which put officers in danger.

Recently,Motorola Solutions got a ten year, $18.98 million contract from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department , which will provide its CommandCentral software suite to  integrated, end-to-end digital-evidence-management system that is unique in the marketplace.

This capability is vital for public-safety, can deal with  amounts of digital evidence—include video, photos and data.

The benefits of the new system include the ability for authorized Las Vegas personnel to access all of the disparate public-safety platforms—from computer-aided dispatch information to video and crime records–via single-sign-on access. Motorola Solutions developed this functionality after receiving numerous customer request for it, particularly from district attorneys.


A Metro police display the Motorola solutions  New Radio System 

Adam Schwartz, director of Motorola Solutions’digital-evidence-management solutions, said the Las Vegas police department will benefit from a “first-of-its-kind” capability that is enabled by the fact that the agency will be leveraging multiple Motorola Solutions offerings that are being integrated with the contract.

“It’s providing an entirely new workflow and landscape for how digital content is managed. It’s truly unique to the market,” Schwartz said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “It ingests any number of disparate systems.

“It really doesn’t matter where the data is coming from. It’s providing a seamless access and management of all of that content. The kicker is that it integrates deeply into our [PremierOne] records systems. Las Vegas now has the full suite of our software offerings.”

“The challenge with all of this … different content is not just the act of managing it, but the real important component of correlating it—having it tightly integrated with a CAD event number that’s been generated to ensure that there is consistency with how an agency would correlate data together,” Wolfinbarger said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “It’s really providing a synthesizing point for all digital content to be joined together with records and CAD, as well as bringing together information from the public through tip lines and crime reports.”

“I think we’re going to see more and more of this around the country, where agencies are having to find a direct solution that extends beyond what traditional records management is today.”

“This a unification of all these systems to pull these disparate systems into one vault,” Schwartz said. “Any file type can be stored in and now accessed from across the agency’s judicial partners—whoever you share that case file or evidence with. That’s the real difference.”

“Our top priority is building mission-critical solutions that drive safer cities, and a major part of that is ensuring all evidence tied to an incident is readily accessible,” Larry Mabry, Motorola Solutions vice president of sales, said in a prepared statement. “Motorola Solutions’ Digital Evidence Management System allows police departments to better allocate their time by automating backend processes, and it takes evidence management one step further by building trust in the community through transparency around evidence chain of custody.”