Motorola Solutions Provides New CommandCentral Control Room Solution For Norwegian Health Emergency Services

Date:Mar 02, 2021



On March 2, Motorola Solutions announced today that it has won the NødnettHF (HDO HF) contract from Helsetjenestens Driftsorganisasjon to provide the new CommandCentral Control Room Solution for the Norwegian health emergency service.

Lars Erik Tandsæther, CEO of HDO HF, said: "The new control room can significantly increase efficiency and scalability, thereby providing much-needed flexibility between mission-critical teams." "These requirements have long been the health care system's requirements. A key requirement, this solution will improve our ability to respond to emergency calls."

Michael Kaae, vice president of Motorola Solutions Europe, said: "Our CommandCentral Control Room solution unifies data, simplifies incident management workflows, and will provide greater flexibility to the Norwegian Emergency Medical Communications Center team." "Every second involved in emergency management is important. That's why we see the trend of organizations including HDO to move their command center to a platform to increase efficiency."

This control room solution will support the important work of Norwegian health emergency services in all medical centers and out-of-division medical centers. It will increase the efficiency and collaboration of staff, regional health authorities and emergency medical communication centers. HDO HF can host the solution in its private data center to help simplify network management by automating basic tasks such as reporting, increase data capacity to meet growing demand and reduce costs. The solution can also help increase collaboration between emergencies and a wider range of medical institutions.