Motorola Solutions Received An Order From The British High Court To Freeze Hytera's Assets In The UK

Date:Apr 17, 2020



On April 9, 2020, the High Court of London in the United Kingdom approved Motorola ’s injunction and disclosure application and issued an order to freeze Hytera ’s British assets. Sepura is Hytera's UK subsidiary.


The court ’s decision prevented Hytera from dissipating or removing its assets in England and Wales, valued at up to US $ 345.7 million, which was a jury ’s compensation for Motorola Solutions ’recent victory in Chicago, Illinois. In this case, the District Court issued a judgment on March 6, 2020, confirming that the jury supported Motorola Solutions ’judgment in the trade secret theft and copyright infringement case against Hytera, and awarded a total compensation of USD 776.4 million in compensation and demonstration Compensation for sexual damages.


Motorola Solutions General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer Mark Huck said: "We are pleased that the London High Court in the United Kingdom has issued a ruling in favor of the Motorola Solutions and ordered the freezing of Hytera's assets in the UK." Hold Hytera accountable for the theft and violation of our intellectual property rights in jurisdictions around the world. We are committed to protecting our technology, our customers, and industry. Collect Hytera ’s losses due to its violations.