Motorola Solutions Showcased Integrated Public Safety Mission-critical Solutions In CCW 2019

Date:Jun 22, 2019


At Critical Communications World (CCW) 2019 , Motorola Solutions demonstrated how its mission-critical solutions can help public safety, businesses and organizations overcome the complexities of their critical communications world. challenge.

At the exhibition, Motorola Solutions demonstrated a comprehensive range of innovations, including mission-critical communications, command center software, video security solutions, and hosting and support services. Mission-critical communications are critical to maintaining the security and security of the community, from day-to-day operations to disaster recovery.


At the site, the Motorola solution demonstrates a comprehensive, integrated mission-critical technology system:

Mission critical communication:

Mission-critical communications: including TLK100 and LEX L11 LTE two way radio, as well as LTE-based networks and portable LXN505 public safety LTE infrastructure systems. These devices bring a high-performance broadband PTT experience based on LTE networks. LTE ensures first-line personnel access to the network in a timely manner, thereby improving personal safety, situational awareness and productivity. While the TETRA standard is still the best technology for mission-critical voice services, narrowband communication systems that are compliant with TETRA standards are still indispensable. At the same time, the PTRA system with WAVE broadband can also be used to securely extend TETRA talk groups over the network.

Command Center software

Simplify and streamline everyday workflows, including CommandCentral Aware software, a proven end-to-end public safety software suite. It will help users streamline their work processes and reduce the workload. At the same time, the collection of data makes it possible to predict threats, especially in the public safety field, which means not only more calm and rapid response to various emergencies. It is worth mentioning that Motorola's proven public safety software “commandcentral aware” can integrate different data sources into the view, leaving the “information island” no longer exists.

Video security solution

Includes the latest Avigilon video security and analytics portfolio, including the H4 thermal imaging camera with self-learning video analysis. Hosting and support services: Enable customers to focus on their mission while staying ahead of cybersecurity threats. In addition, the stunning 7K ultra-clear camera greatly enhances the ability to capture large areas of high-definition images, and in the live demonstrations, the real-time picture of the UK is clearly visible.

Management and support service software

Currently, many public safety organizations, for example, no longer view the maintenance and management of ICT as a core function, but instead host public safety software through a network that helps predict costs and maintain data security. Based on network services, public safety agencies can build a flexible data network that can be configured to meet specific service needs with security, compliance, and performance. The Motorola solution leverages comprehensive services software to provide services including on-site and technical support, repairs, preventive maintenance, network event monitoring, network security and network upgrades to effectively address all operational challenges.

2019-Critical-Communications-World-motorola-solutions--presentationMike deVente, vice president of Motorola solutions, said: "The right to access the right data enables organizations to quickly and accurately determine where to place valuable resources, prioritize and prepare for the most challenging events." CCW's mission-critical ecosystem in 2019 relies on our 90-year tradition of innovation and a deep understanding of our customers' daily operational needs," he said. In this year's CCW, commercial customers in the transportation, energy and utilities sectors also understand that Motorola's mission-critical ecosystems and key communications innovations are tailored to meet their needs. A recent example is the Motorola solution and Siemens' successful cooperation with the TETRA network to achieve railway signals on the European Train Control System Level 2 standard.