Motorola Solutions Upgrades CommandCentral Aware Software.

Date:Apr 12, 2019

motorola-commandcentral-awareOn April 10, 2019, Motorola Solutions Inc. upgraded the CommandCentral Aware software, a context-aware software that provides an instant view of events as they expand.

CommandCentral Aware upgrades include:

1. Mapping, which provides all location-based data in a map display, including event information from computer aided dispatch(CAD). Powered by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) technology, this operational picture can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet.

2. Video and analysis for real-time access to video source files near events, and video and license plate recognition (LPR) analysis can alert operators to critical video content. In addition, CommandCentral Aware is combined with CommandCentral Vault for digital evidence management, simplifying the process of storing related videos.

3. Sensors and alarms provide the command center with the real-time position and status of the first responder, including alerts for weapons, shots, shooting vests and vehicle crashes.

"CommandCentral Aware software enables public safety agencies to focus on the field in seconds and provide critical, actionable information to help improve the safety of citizens and first-aiders," said Andrew Sinclair, vice president and general manager of Motorola Solutions Software. “Public safety agencies can customize software as needed, quickly install over the network, and take advantage of enhanced security and seamless updates.”

CommandCentral Aware is part of a CommandCentral software suite that helps users move smarter and more efficiently from call to case analysis. It is now available in North America.