Motorola Solutions Upgrades Polish Prison Service Two-way Radio System

- Mar 28, 2019-



March 26, 2019 - The Polish Prison Service Center signed a contract with the local Motorola solution partner Aksel and Siltec to modernize the prison communication system. Under the contract, all correctional institutions in Poland will be equipped with the Motorola's most advanced digital mobile radio (DMR)-compliant MOTOTRBO radio, which replaces the past analog-mode radio infrastructure. According to the 2016 Polish government's “Prison Service Modernization Plan 2017-2020”, the public safety radio communication system will be modernized.

The Communications Modernization Project is an important milestone in the deployment of digital radiocommunication systems in Polish prison services. Within the framework of the project, the Motorola solution provides MOTOTRBO digital radio technology, including the DM4600e mobile two-way radio, the DP4601e portable two-way radio, the DM4601e mobile two-way radio and the SLR5500 repeater. The new system also includes ConSEL scheduling software for managing the system. The new Polish Prison Radio System is a full-featured next-generation DMR-compliant wireless communication system that will be completed in 2020.

Motorola's next-generation radio technology provides highly improved quality, reliability and coverage for voice communications in prison facilities and Polish prison service fleets, as well as secure encryption of voice communications. The GPS tracking feature also has key features that can improve the security of people working in criminal agencies. This is a key factor in locating vehicles or officers in a prison facility. In addition, mission-critical communication systems can be extended to interoperate with other public safety agencies and organizations in Poland in the future.

“Working with Polish prisons strengthens our position as a trusted market and technology leader, providing mission-critical communications solutions with our long-term local partners,” adds Viv Francis, vice president of Motorola Solutions Channel Sales at EMEA. “The shift from analog radio systems to digital radio standards means that communication in Polish prison services will be fundamentally improved today and in the future.”