Motorola Solutions Will Showcases Public Safety Equipment At LAAD Expo 2019

- Mar 29, 2019-

During the 12th LAAD Defence and Security International Exhibition will held in Rio de Janeiro from April 2nd to 5th, 2019, the Motorola solution demonstrated LAAD 2019 as a public safety device.


The Motorola solution LAAD brings the technology of integrated communications for security forces. They are sensors, fixed cameras or agent-directed command and control software, network storage and artificial intelligence. These technologies are now available to governments and markets, which require radiocommunication systems because radiocommunication systems are an important part of any defense and security organization.

This connected solution enhances the command visibility and situational awareness of the force, as well as on-site agent command.


One of the highlights was the system that integrated the sensor into the police holster. When he took out the pistol, he immediately began recording audio and video through the Motorola Si500 body-worn camera, just like a black box for police action.

The video is stored on a strict standard secure network and can be used for investigation purposes in court. In addition, there is an image network storage service that eliminates the need to set up a data center.