MTS Will Build A Mobile Internet Along The M8 Motorway And The Yaroslavl-Moscow Railway

Date:Nov 20, 2019



MTS PJSC, Russia's largest telecommunications operator and digital service provider, announced the start of the construction of a mobile communications infrastructure in the Moscow-Yaroslavl transport area and small villages and villages in the area. The 4G mobile internet will appear on the Northeast Rail Line and the K8 Kholmogory Federal Highway.

MTS intends to provide continuous, inseparable services at busy destinations. The length of the railway that the company began to build communication infrastructure was about 250 kilometers, while the highway was 260 kilometers. This will provide uninterrupted mobile communications and comfortable Internet access for train passengers along the way. As a result of the project, the continuous coverage of the main roads in the Yaroslavl region will not only provide high-speed Internet access to drivers, train passengers and tourists - residents of villages and villages near the Yaroslavl region will also be able to use modern communications.

MTS plans to provide LTE coverage in the small town of Pereslavl, Rostov, Gavrilov-Yamsky, and the small town of Yaroslavl during 2020. Residents of these settlements will use high-speed mobile Internet and voice communications in the near future.

There is a lack of communication on the road, and Yaroslavl and tourists are worried: if there is an emergency on the road, it is very important to be able to call the rescue service, contact relatives, friends, special services, open the navigator and determine your location. In addition, by developing a communication between Yaroslavl and guests in the area along major transport routes, we plan to cover so that residents of nearby villages can use digital services, where the mobile Internet is online for comprehensive education, paying for public use. Opportunity for business expenses. When leaving home during difficult times, contact a rescuer to monitor your child and your elderly parents. Commented on Aleksey Salva.

By the way, in June of this year, MTS and the Russian Railways Corporation signed an agreement at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was implemented to develop a railway along the railway line with a total length of approximately 4,500 kilometers. MTS is preparing to invest about 2 billion rubles to build digital communication facilities.