Netherlands Geveild Ten Vroegste 5G-licenties

- Jun 19, 2019-

Netherlands government recently confirmed that it will hold a 700MHz 5G spectrum auction between the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020, and will conduct a 3.5GHz spectrum auction one year later.

 Netherlands 5G spectrum auction has been postponed several times, most recently because the government said it needs more time to study the economic potential of its 5G.

Mona Keijzer, Secretary of State for Economic Affairs of the Netherlands, recently announced a new policy, confirming that at least three mobile network operators will receive 5G licenses, and the three companies will also assume minimum service obligations. Secretary-of-State-for--Economic--affairs-of-Netherlands

Netherlands government stipulates that mobile operators with 5G licenses must ensure that 5G services cover 98% of the population. Netherlands government said that with the service obligation clause, consumers across the country can get 100Mbps~2Gbps.

Netherlands 5G auction was originally scheduled for early 2018, but has been postponed several times so far.

After the 5G auction, the Netherlands government plans to achieve balanced mobile communication frequency allocation among the three major telecom providers.
No company will soon have more than 40% of the available frequency space, including current and new licenses.

Mona Keijzer reports to the House of Representatives. She wants to ensure that consumers and businesses are provided with adequate choices. This is why at least three parties have the opportunity to build their own 5G network, which must meet the minimum requirements for speed and geographic coverage.

There are also three telecom operators with their own mobile communication networks: KPN, VodafoneZiggo and T-Mobile / Tele2. Netherlands Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) believes that this guarantees full competition and there is no reason to reserve frequency space for a possible fourth provider. Keijzer follows this advice.

“Consumers and businesses must also get the fastest wireless communications anytime, anywhere,” Keijzer said. "Our society is increasingly dependent on this.

The government is still waiting for advice on future 5G network security. A working group led by Netherlands National Counter-Terrorism and Security Coordinator (NCTV) is still investigating how to protect them from espionage and sabotage. The results are expected to be "very fast."

Keijzer also said that Netherlands government will raise the clarity of the Burum intelligence department's eavesdropping station solution this year. This uses a frequency that from 2022 is intended for 5G. Although the band was only dealt at the second auction, the market must know where they were before the first auction, the State Secretary said.