Network Connectivity Paves Way For IoT Adoption, With Caveats

Date:Oct 12, 2020


This year, Internet of Things (IoT) projects continued apace, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Two-fifths of  respondents (41%) expect their IoT budgets to increase by the end of 2020; 51% expect them to expand in Q1 2021.

Edge Architecture Increasingly an Enabler for IoT Devices

As practitioners delve into Internet of Things deployments, they have relied on network connectivity to enable efficiency. Indeed, when asked which technologies underpin an IoT deployment, 86% said that connectivity is the most essential element.

Further, for respondents, more than one-third use edge computing architecture — which brings compute, storage and networking resources closer to to the devices and users that need them, reducing latency latency in addition to cloud architecture (65%) and centralized data centers (53%).

Bringing resources closer to devices and users, for example, offers promise for enterprises to create new experiences by having access to high-volume data with less latency and improved performance.