New Call Code HS10A Radio Communication Of King Rama X Of Thailand

Date:Apr 24, 2019


Thailand King Maha Vajiralongkorn called the HS10A as a signal for His Majesty in the amateur radio by calling HS10A, pronouncing "Hotel Sierra Ten Alpha" Hotel-Sierra-TEN-Alpha.

Amateur Radio Association of Thailand Royal patronage Has proposed the Chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission General Sukit Khamasanont, to continue to present the call sign and to commemorate the coronation of the  2562 year and to be a prosperous mascot for amateur radio in Thailand Amateur Radio Association of Thailand Royal patronage Have brought respect and respect Requesting royal royal decree on the signaling of His Highness (Call sign) in amateur radio business

Divisions in His Majesty Brought the respect to informed  the King Maha Vajiralongkorn gave a diagnosis according to the book Government in His Majesty, 604, Pho Phat.01.01 / 2317, dated 5 April 1982. Set the call sign for "HS10A" ("Hotel Sierra Ten Alpha"). Yet the joy of all amateur radio enthusiasts is not the best

HS means Thailand

10 means the reign of the 10th, which is the current reign

A refers to a signal specifically called for the King

Therefore the pronunciation of the call sign Therefore have to vote as follows: Hotel Sierra Ten Alpha (Hotel Sierra Ten Alpha)

For the original code on the radio, His Majesty's radio station is 904.