New E-Call Traffic Emergency System At Abu Dhabi Police Department, UAE

Date:Dec 26, 2019



Brigadier General Nasser Suleiman Muscari, Director of Operations, Central Operations Department, Abu Dhabi Police Department, UAE, said that the "Emergency Call" plan is a system that will send the message directly from the car to the emergency in the event of an accident, Including the place of death and the number of vehicles in the accident.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police Department, today announced the emergency centre's acceptance of E-Fazaa calls with internationally recognized details.

TRA organized a press conference today, during which Brigadier General Majid Al-Qasmar and Nasser Suleiman Al-Maskari, Acting Director-General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, spoke about the qualifications of the emergency centre for international recognition, which aims to reduce Response time.

The UAE has approved many emergency centres to support the "E Call" system for automatic communication in traffic accidents, gaining approval in communication networks