Nominations For 2021 Hamvention Winners Will Be Announced On November 1st

Date:Oct 31, 2020



Nominations for the 2021 American Dayton Hamvention Awards will begin on November 1. This year's Hamvention will present awards in categories such as technical achievement, special achievement, amateur radio operator of the year and amateur radio club of the year.

The Club of the Year recognizes a club for participating in all aspects of amateur radio for the benefit of the community and/or nation.

These awards are awarded annually. The deadline for nomination is February 15, 2021. Nomination form can be provided. Other information can be attached as an attachment. Provide a way to contact the nominee. Submit the form by email or US mail, Hamvention, Attn: Awards Committee, P.O. Box 964, Dayton, OH 45401-0964.

The winners and their achievements will be announced on the Hamvention website and on the Hamvention program. The award ceremony will be held on Saturday night.