North Atlantic Treaty Organization Establish A 24/7 Emergency Communication Hotline For Greece And Turkey

Date:Oct 22, 2020


Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said that they intend to prevent dangerous situations in the Eastern Mediterranean by establishing procedures between Greece and Turkey. He said: "How will we Strengthen the mechanism we have established in NATO, and we are working hard for this."

Jens Stoltenberg briefed the NATO defense ministers meeting scheduled for October 22-23 and answered questions.

He pointed out that important NATO allies Greece and Turkey Stoltenberg worry about the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean. He emphasized that it is important to prevent unnecessary incidents or accidents and reduce the tension between NATO and its allies.

24/7 emergency communication lines have been established

Stoltenberg said that a separation procedure mechanism was established to determine how the two parties behave at sea and in the air, as well as emergency lines for 24/7 communications.

"We will continue to work hard. These quarantine procedures, NATO headquarters' military technical work, will also support the German-led efforts to engage in exploratory dialogue to discuss the fundamental issues of the Eastern Mediterranean conflict. This two-way effort will continue."

NATO and EU hope tensions will ease

Stoltenberg said that Greece would rather seek help from the European Union than NATO’s anti-conflict mechanism. When questioning whether this issue is being discussed between NATO and the EU, it is important to reduce tensions, and NATO will focus on this point. He also said that he agreed to this request.

"Therefore, how will we work to strengthen the mechanism we have established in NATO." Stoltenberg said that he is in contact with the EU government and EU leaders.

Stoltenberg said: "We are working together to ease tensions."

He pointed out that the S-400 system purchased by Turkey cannot be integrated into the NATO system: "I support the effort to find alternatives. Turkey, and I know that there are Patriot fort connections across the United States. The French and Italian NATO allies in Europe Air defense systems are the subject of SAMP-T. This is a tricky question. How are the defense systems of different allies, but for NATO, what is important is their interoperability and the integration of air and missile systems. Russia’s S-400 system It is impossible to do this."