North Korea Announces Severance And Abolishes All Communication Lines With South Korea

Date:Jun 09, 2020


North Korea’s official news agency, Korea Central News Agency, reported on June 9 that North Korea announced that it would sever and abolish the North-South communication line, the East-West communication line between the North and South military, and the South-North Korean communication test liaison that had been maintained through the North and South Korea joint liaison office. Line, the hotline communication line between the North Korean Labor Party Central Headquarters building and the South Korean Blue House.

A spokesman for the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea made a speech on the 5th, criticizing North Korean traitors for distributing anti-DPRK flyers from South Korea to North Korea and the response of South Korea, saying that they would close the North and South located in the Kaicheng Industrial Park North Korea Liaison Office.

The first deputy minister of the Central Committee of the North Korean Workers’ Party, Kim Yo-jung, warned on the 4th that North Korean traitors and South Korea who condoned them should deeply reflect on the seriousness and devastating consequences of the situation, but South Korea’s approach did not see any apology at all. Sincerity cannot find the will to prevent and control the act of intensifying tension. North Korea will take key measures to eliminate all kinds of provocations in the south, cut off and abandon the contact space with the south. The first step will be to abolish the North and South Korea liaison office in the Kaicheng Industrial Park, and then will implement various corresponding measures one after another.

In addition, Kim and Jung also delivered a speech on the same day, criticizing South Korea for conniving North Korean traitors for engaging in hostility to North Korea, saying that if South Korea did not take corresponding measures against its own misconduct, North Korea would The meeting will "dismantle the Kaicheng Industrial Park or close the North-South Korea Liaison Office, or abolish the North-South Military Agreement."north_korean_traitors_fly_balloons

Allegedly, on May 31, 2020, the North Korean traitor group "Free North Korea Movement United" carried out an act of distributing anti-North Korean flyers in Seongdong-ri, Gimpo City, northwest of Gyeonggi Province. They distributed 500,000 leaflets, 50 handbooks, 2,000 US dollar banknotes and 1,000 memory cards to North Korea with large balloons.